Effective Networking at Virtual and In-Person Events


Networking is an essential skill in today’s interconnected world, offering numerous opportunities for professional growth, learning, and collaboration.

Whether at virtual or in-person events, effective networking can lead to meaningful connections, partnerships, and insights into industry trends. Below are strategies for successful networking in both environments.

Virtual Events

1. Prepare Your Digital Presence

Before attending a virtual event, ensure your online profiles (LinkedIn, professional websites, etc.) are up-to-date and reflect your current interests and professional expertise. A compelling profile can encourage new contacts to connect and engage with you after the event.

2. Use the Event Platform to Your Advantage

Familiarize yourself with the event’s digital platform before the event starts. Understand how to use chat functions, participate in Q&A sessions, and if possible, identify attendees you want to connect with. Many virtual events have features that allow you to schedule meetings or send messages to other participants.

3. Participate Actively

During virtual sessions, be an active participant. Ask thoughtful questions, contribute to discussions, and when appropriate, share your contact information in the chat. Your engagement will make you more memorable to speakers and fellow attendees.

4. Follow Up Promptly

After the event, promptly reach out to people you interacted with or wanted to connect with but couldn’t. A quick message referencing your shared experience at the event or a topic of mutual interest can serve as a great conversation starter.

In-Person Events

1. Have a Clear Objective

Know what you aim to achieve from the event—be it learning about a specific topic, meeting certain individuals, or finding potential job opportunities. This clarity will guide your interactions and help you allocate your time effectively.

2. Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

Prepare a concise and compelling introduction for yourself. Your elevator pitch should include who you are, what you do, and what makes your work or your interests unique. A well-crafted pitch makes a strong first impression.

3. Listen More Than You Speak

Effective networking is as much about listening as it is about talking. Show genuine interest in others’ work and challenges. Asking insightful questions not only demonstrates your engagement but can also reveal opportunities for collaboration or assistance.

4. Exchange Contact Information

Whether it’s a business card, a LinkedIn connection, or a quick note on your phone, make sure to exchange contact information with new acquaintances. Personalize the exchange by mentioning something memorable from your conversation.

5. Follow Up and Keep in Touch

After the event, send personalized follow-up messages to those you met. Referencing specific details from your conversation will help reinforce the connection. Keep the relationship warm by sharing relevant articles, event invites, or just checking in periodically.

Both Virtual and In-Person Events

Build Genuine Connections: Focus on building relationships rather than simply collecting contacts. Authentic connections are more likely to result in mutually beneficial collaborations.

Be Prepared to Give: Networking is a two-way street. Think about what you can offer to others, whether it’s your expertise, your time, or your network.

Stay Open and Curious: Be open to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and industries. These interactions can provide fresh perspectives and unexpected opportunities.

Effective networking, whether online or face-to-face, requires preparation, engagement, and follow-through. By applying these strategies, you can maximize the benefits of your networking efforts at both virtual and in-person events, creating lasting and meaningful professional relationships.

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